Share capital and shareholders of LIBRA INTERNET BANK

Currently, the share capital of LIBRA INTERNET BANK is RON 462.616.000.

Starting May 2003, LIBRA INTERNET BANK is a member of the American investment group New Century Holdings (NCH), one of the leading foreign investors in Romania, with investments of over $ 3 billion in Central and Eastern Europe of which over 300 million dollars were invested in Romania. During the years since joining the NCH group, LIBRA INTERNET BANK has established a new strategy, has restructured, expanded and constantly improved its processes and operations and has developed new products.

Being a Romanian legal entity, LIBRA INTERNET BANK is subject to Romanian laws and the rules of supervision of the National Bank of Romania. Also, LIBRA INTERNET BANK is a participant in the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGDB) of Romania, therefore our customer deposits at this institution are guaranteed under the conditions and limits stipulated by the Romanian laws.

Currently, the American investment group New Century Holdings controls, directly and indirectly, over 94% of the bank's capital.