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Libra Internet Bank is one of the market leaders when it comes to partnerships with financial institutions in the EU. Through the banking technology provided by Libra, partners can obtain technical accounts with associated IBAN codes in a format specific to the local market.

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Dedicated team

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Current account for fintechs

We offer our partners, authorized Financial Institutions (FIs) to operate in the EU, technical accounts that have associated IBAN codes in the local format, facilitating the possibility to carry out transactions in lei for servicing their own clients.

Operating mode:

- Depending on our partners' needs regarding the automatic monitoring of collections and transaction reconciliation, Libra opens a collector account that can have multiple associated IBAN accounts, respecting a structure of the type ROXXBREL000YYxxxxxxxxxxx, where YYxxxxxxxxxxx represents a range allocated specifically to each partner.
- Collections in these IBANs are automatically recorded in the collector account whose sole holder is the FI.
- At this time, the active IBAN ranges for our partners are:

  • ROXXBREL00055xxxxxxxxxxx - REVOLUT BANK UAB
  • ROXXBREL00056xxxxxxxxxxx – WISE EUROPE
  • ROXXBREL00060xxxxxxxxxxx – PAYSERA LT UAB
  • ROXXBREL00063xxxxxxxxxxx – MONESE EU SA

Appropriate ways to address attachments:

Partner FI clients do not become Libra clients. Therefore, all accounts mentioned in the above ranges are held by the mentioned partner (not its customers), so attachments must be addressed to the partner, respecting the procedures in the country of residence of the FI as well as EU Regulation No. 1215/2012 on jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of civil and commercial judgments and other provisions related to European enforcement procedure.
We would like to mention that in all these situations, in the absence of direct legal relationships between Libra Internet Bank and the FI's clients, Libra Internet Bank does not become a third party attachment.

General information on erroneous or suspicious operations:

Activity on associated IBANs is managed by the Financial Institution that manages the contractual relationship with each end customer. Libra Internet Bank does not have the competence to resolve any disputes involving an associated IBAN.
To resolve any disputes (erroneous operations, suspicious transactions, etc.), we recommend that you contact the Financial Institution whose client you are and who manages the account from which you initiated the reported operation, as well as the competent authorities to resolve these disputes.


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