Banking security policies

Phishing emails may look very similar to genuine messages sent by LIBRA INTERNET BANK, in an attempt to mislead users into accessing a fake webpage and disclose confidential information.

This type of messages might request users to call certain phone numbers and disclose personal data.

How can I recognize phishing e-mail?

  • Web links (URLs) seem to point to LIBRA INTERNET BANK, but actually lead to other Internet domains. Hover the mouse cursor over a web address in a suspicious e-mail, without clicking the link, and you can see the real destination (URL). The fact that the bank's name is included in the URL does not guarantee that the website you visit is the genuine one.
  • Confidential/personal data requests. LIBRA INTERNET BANK does not require it's customers to reply with personal confidential data in email messages, such as legal identifiers, social security numbers, bank cards PINs or other data printed on debit or credit cards
  • Invoking a fake state of emergency. We will never ask you to confirm personal confidential data by email in order to avoid restricting the usage of the bank's products or services
  • Messages about security or systems update. We will never ask you to confirm personal confidential data by email due to internal systems update.
  • Typos or other obvious proofing errors. These errors are usually illustrated in fake emails and websites. Grammar mistakes and other text indicating the use of an automated translation engine might also rise doubts

How can I tell if I have accessed official LIBRA INTERNET BANK websites?

  • By checking the address shown in your web browser's address bar
  • Considering the web browser in use, by viewing the green address bar and the secure lock symbol, followed by the domain owner organization
  • For even greater assurance, clicking the padlock icons shows you more detail about the website owner

Bara de adrese browser

Bara de adrese browser


Should you find a suspect email or webpage using the name or symbols of LIBRA INTERNET BANK, please forward the information as soon as possible to