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Paysera launches IBANs in lei, in partnership with Libra Internet Bank

Bucharest, 2nd June 2020: The Lithuanian fintech Paysera today launched the individual IBANs in lei for Romanian clients, both individuals and legal entities, following the partnership concluded with LIBRA INTERNET BANK Paysera customers can obtain the Romanian IBAN without any trip to the bank, 100% online. The account will have zero monthly administration fee and will be accompanied by the other facilities offered by Paysera to its customers.

"In addition to the IBAN in Lei, our customers will automatically receive IBAN in Euro and, on request, can have one in Leva, all offered free of charge. Among other features of Paysera accounts, we mention real-time notifications regarding transactions made or the possibility to make instant money transfers to another Paysera account, without any commission, 24/7/365" , said Daniel Turbatu, Country Manager Paysera Romania.

"Digital financial services have become a global normality, rather than an exception. The last few months have shown even more the importance of digital services, as they have helped to reduce the impact of coronavirus on SMEs. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of Romania's digitalization and to offer SMEs the opportunity to open a local IBAN online, in just a few simple steps. Thanks to our partners in Romania, Paysera becomes the first Fintech that allows Romanian SMEs to open an IBAN in lei online" , declared Vytenis Morkunas, CEO of Paysera.

"Our bank is an important partner for successful fintechs. LIBRA INTERNET BANK has always had a modern approach to the banking phenomenon, and digital partnerships are an integral part of our business strategy.", said Emil Bituleanu, General Manager of LIBRA INTERNET BANK.

The IBAN in lei is the first of the important Services launched this year by Paysera on the Romanian market. Very soon, the fintech will launch the Payment Initiation Service which implies - for online stores that will implement this Service - the collection of sales amounts directly from the buyer’s Internet Banking.

Paysera entered the Romanian market in July 2019 and offered customers more comfort, speed and favorable conditions within their daily payment operations.

Paysera is one of the largest fintech companies in Lithuania, operating in the financial sector since 2004 and processing more than half of the active online stores’ transactions in Lithuania. In 2019, Paysera customers made over 2.7 million transfers in 30 different currencies, the equivalent of approximately EUR 5.9 billion.

LIBRA INTERNET BANK, member of the American investment group New Century Holdings (since 2003), is one of the most dynamic banks in Central and Eastern Europe. With a network of 55 branches, the bank specializes in areas such as the liberal professions, real estate developers, agribusiness or the SME segment and pays special attention to modern technology and partnerships with Fintechs, being recognized in the region for rapidity in finding and implementing successful digital solutions.