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Sweden's central bank completes first phase of digital currency pilot

23.04.2021 - The Sveriges Riksbank said that CBDC technology still requires further investigation. › see more

BOJ Wants to Set 'Common Rules' on CBDCs With Major Central Banks: Report

20.04.2021 - The BoJ says a set of common rules would lay the groundwork for efficient cross-border payments › see more

Romanian university plans to accept crypto payments for admission fees

16.04.2021 - The academic institution with a student body of roughly 11,000 said the addition of crypto payments was part of a plan to support local businesses like Elrond › see more

Can a digital pound CBDC retake London’s financial hub status post-Brexit

12.04.2021 - Could a digital pound accelerate Britain's growth post-Brexit and retake London's status as the European financial hub? › see more

BOJ Starts Central Bank Digital Currency Experiments

08.04.2021 - The year-long Phase 1 will conduct experiments on basic functions of a CBDC. › see more

Metaco partners with IBM for secure digital asset orchestration system

06.04.2021 - Metaco will use IBM Cloud to provide robust security-critical technology for institutional investors entering the digital asset space. › see more

German federal bank runs successful blockchain system without a CBDC

02.04.2021 - Executives at the Deutsche Bundesbank are eager to launch a blockchain-based system without the need for a CBDC - and they just might succeed. › see more

Bahamas' Sand Dollar nears commercial rollout as interoperability completed

01.04.2021 - Following cybersecurity assessments, commercial institutions are being cleared to issue the world's first CBDC: the Bahamas' Sand Dollar. › see more

CBDCs won't entirely replace cash if the US Fed gets its way

26.03.2021 - The U.S. does not want cash to go extinct in the presence of a CBDC, according to the Fed's chairman. › see more becomes a principal member of the Visa network

24.03.2021 - Cryptocurrency exchange platform and card issuer has partnered with Visa and plans to debut fiat lending. › see more