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EU finance chief says digital euro bill coming in early 2023

11.02.2022 - The European Union's finance chief announced that a bill introducing a digital euro will be hitting tables in European parliament as early as 2023. › see more

Australian Reserve Bank's 'Project Atom' CBDC research finds numerous benefits

23.12.2021 - Following Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's "payments and crypto reform plan," the RBA has published a report exploring DLT tech and wholesale CBDC issuance. › see more

Mastercard Launches Crypto-Linked Payment Cards in Asia Pacific

06.12.2021 - The card giant will enable customers in the region to convert cryptocurrency to fiat for payments. › see more

Libra Internet Bank continues its financing through the capital market and lists its second bond issue, worth EUR 40mn

Bucharest, December 3rd 2021: Libra Internet Bank, the first bank in Romania to offer a 100% online bank account and 100% online loan, continues the financing through the capital market and lists its second bond issue, worth EUR 40mn. The bonds are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange's Main Market, under the ticker LIBRA28E. › see more

US regulators are exploring policy for banks to handle crypto, says FDIC chair

12.11.2021 - "Establishing clear regulatory expectations will be paramount to give this market an opportunity to grow and mature in a responsible manner", said Jelena McWilliams › see more

European Central Bank announces digital euro advisory group members

09.11.2021 - The group consists of 30 high-ranking financial professionals from organizations, including BBVA, CRIF and Stripe, among others › see more

Bank of Spain issues registration guidelines for crypto services

05.11.2021 - All individuals and institutions in the country, including banks, will have to sign up using the new AML registry from the Bank of Spain. › see more

Mastercard is preparing its infrastructure for the deployment of CBDCs

01.11.2021 - The world's third-largest consumer payment processor remains bullish on the adoption of CBDCs › see more

G7 leaders issue central bank digital currency guidelines

29.10.2021 - Financial leaders from the G7 agree that CBDCs would complement cash and should not be detrimental to the monetary system › see more

Digital Pound Foundation launches to promote CBDC development in the UK

25.10.2021 - The think tank wants to ensure the United Kingdom keeps pace with the developments in the emerging digital landscape › see more