We are one step ahead, thinking in the future, we aim to go beyond our limits.
Our goal is excellence in business, so we are constantly striving to provide our customers with accessibility and impeccable services.


  • The customer is the most important thing for us.
In the increasingly competitive market conditions, the specialization and the speed are the competitive advantages that we rely on.
We try to know the customer as well as we can, we are constantly attentive to his needs, we offer him products and services of greater value than others on the market. Our competitive advantages are the rapid response and the dedicated financial solutions that we meet our customers demands.

  • We are very demanding with ourselves.
We are performance-oriented. We know that being professionals means being demanding with ourselves first. Therefore we are disciplined, perfectionist, self-taught and optimistic.

  • Believe that the success is the most important motivating factor.
We define the success as our professional successes: each customer who leaves happily LIBRA INTERNET BANK, each goal achieved, each project fulfilled represents a successful model. The accumulated success is stimulating and challenging to become even better.

  • We believe in the spirit of competition.
We want that everyone to strive to be the best. Our work means a permanent competition for us, but we do not forget that any contest between professionals relies on fair play. We compete, but we do not forget that our competition is based on values such as collegiality, honesty and integrity.

  • By ingenuity and innovation we can be strong in a rapidly changing world.
We promote and support the innovative ideas of any employee or customer of the bank. Therefore we encourage our employees and partners to constantly come up with new ideas. Besides, we pay great attention to the constant improvement of the existing processes and their optimization by reconfiguring or by inventing new processes that are more efficient. We are convinced that in order to show inventiveness and innovation means to be strong in a rapidly changing world.

  • We believe in an equilibrated balance between work and personal life.
The balanced ratio between work and personal life gives us good mood, optimism and energy to give full attention to customer satisfaction.

  • We cooperate on ethical principles in the banking community.
Prestige and respectability. The cooperation between the members the banking community means to us and that we understand and observe the standards of ethics universally accepted by the banking community.