Bank security information

LIBRA INTERNET BANK makes sustained efforts to prevent cases of fraud.

(1) For reasons of prudence, please pay close attention to fraudulent transactions such as "phishing email" (illegal data collection) or "CEO fraud". The criminal scheme is a classic for cases of this type of fraud and consists of:

People with special knowledge in the field of information technology and malicious (so-called "Hackers") replace the beneficiary's IBAN thus causing bank transfers to an account that does not belong to the partner company.

The criminal groups approach people with management positions (managers / directors of the financial / accounting departments) of the companies, either by phone or using compromised e-mail addresses of some business partners or suppliers and request the change of the IBAN where payments for commercial contracts in progress are to be made.

We are warning you, in case you detect the change of the banking data of your suppliers, to check with them the veracity of the information. If the data changes cannot be confirmed with certainty, you may be exposed to an increased risk of fraud.

(2) There are certain people who may request confidential information on social media, via SMS, e-mail or telephone, even claiming to be representatives of private or state companies or employees of the Bank. These attempted frauds are called phishing.

Specifically, users of ad sites that sell certain products are contacted directly by potential buyers (fake customers). False customers inform their potential victims that they want to buy the product and generate a payment link through which sellers are asked for all card details (including CVV / CVC code).

When the cardholder enters the card data and / or authorizes transactions on compromised sites, the card information comes into the possession of fraudsters, who from that moment have the possibility to use the money on that card.

We recommend that you do not enter or communicate bank card details (including security codes) to other people, for any reason, and pay close attention to the payment transaction you wish to make.

General recommendations to avoid attempted fraud:

  • If someone wants to send you money, they will never need your card details. You can only give him the IBAN, never the card details.
  • Pay attention to the message of the text you receive and to the expression of the interlocutor!
  • Avoid providing confidential information.
  • Regardless of the device you are connected to, use secure sites! https:// secure website; http:// unsecured website
  • Do not provide contact / card details to strangers or web pages received from strangers, through messaging applications or social media!
  • Do not download applications that belong to Libra Internet Bank and in which you are asked for confidential card details (static password / One Time Password - OTP). Libra Internet Bank will never ask you for your card details to access a loan!
  • Never provide other people with internet or mobile banking access data!
  • If someone asks you for documents / information through a messaging app, we recommend that you make sure that the person works at the bank.

If you notice a suspicious e-mail that uses the LIBRA INTERNET BANK's name or symbols, please send it to us (forward) as soon as possible at

Stay alert!